Check out These Baby Shower Cakes

Baby showers have been very popular and are one tradition that almost all mothers-to-be from almost all countries practice. Since they are not only gift giving but also a social event. It is for this reason that some etiquette should be observed. These etiquettes may vary depending on your country but the following is the most common ones.

1. The best time to hold a baby shower is sometime before the birth. Usually, they are held a month or two before the birth of the baby. Recently, some people practice holding the baby shower a month or two after the birth. Holding the party before the birth of the bay will give time for the mother to buy the items that were not given as gifts during the shower.

2. Traditionally, a close friend of the new mom hosts the party. Relatives and co-workers can also host the event.

3. Baby showers are not only for first-born babies but also for subsequent babies. Every pregnancy is a reason to celebrate, so there is nothing wrong with throwing showers for subsequent babies.

4. It is just proper to give gifts that are related to babies. Neutral colors can be picked for gifts so that it will relate to either a boy or girl. It is best to choose gifts that can be useful and something that a baby may need everyday like diapers, feeding bottles, bibs and baby blankets.

5. For the host, it is okay to have games to break the ice but it is not required. Conversations, food and drinks are the thing that should be considered. It would also be a nice idea to have a book where the guests can write on their notes and messages to the new mom.

6. Usually, twenty people or more are invited but this will also depend on the number of people that can be accommodated in the venue. Sometimes, they hold a small number before the birth and larger group after the baby is born.

7. A baby shower is usually held during weekend since that is the most convenient day for the visitors and would normally last two to three hours. The time may be extended especially if everything is doing well.

8. The person hosting should shoulder the expenses on food and other things.

9. Ideally, the shower is held at the home of the person hosting the party. The new mom would be informed since a pregnant woman is not fit for surprises.

10. It is not necessary to have a special invitation printed. The host can buy stationeries or greeting cards with baby themes in bookstores. It will also be a good idea to have the invitations sent at least three weeks before the party. This will give enough time for guests to RSVP. Do not forget to include the directions.

11. A theme for the party is not that necessary but this adds life. Wearing costumes and decorating the venue gives a happy and celebrating atmosphere.

12. It is only proper to welcome guests when they come and thank them when they leave. The host should always be present during the party and should be the one attending at the guests.

baby shower cake ideas

More Baby Shower Cakes

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Planning a baby shower may possibly consist of arts and crafts. Nowadays, several men and women appreciate having a fun time organizing a baby shower party with a bit of twist which could also be enjoyed by the guest of honor and her pals. Arts and crafts are excellent alternatives to make the planning much more exciting. You can find lots of creative crafty ideas that may strengthen the bond between family and friends. Several women and even men, appreciate spending a top quality time with family and friends while making homemade baby warm shower ideas, such invites, favors, decorations and baby diaper cakes.

Speaking of baby diaper cakes, they does not constantly come edible. Possibly the most common and easy baby shower craft is a diaper cake. This could be enjoyed by a group of buddies and family members at for the baby warm shower. Diaper cakes can truly make a great decoration in the party. To make a baby diaper cake, you’ll want around fifty diapers, ribbons, and cute toys (optional).

When making a baby diaper cake, roll up every diaper and tie in place utilizing a thin ribbon. Select colored ribbons which are suitable for the baby’s gender, like blue or baby blue if it is a boy or palettes of pink if it’s a girl. In the event you opt to go neutral, select ribbons in soft green or light yellow colors.

To start the base of the cake, use twenty-five diapers and make them stand in a circle. For the second level, you are able to use fifteen diapers, and then eight for the top level of the cake. To make it simple for you to come up with a layered cake, make every layer separately and once they are all carried out, tie each of them utilizing a wide strand ribbon. Next, stack the layers of in largest to smallest order. Finally, you insert cute items like teddies, baby bottles, rattles or baby towels in between the diapers to add far more cuteness to the whole appeal of the diaper cake. After you followed all the actions, you should have an excellent baby diaper cake for the shower party!

When it comes to arts and crafts, you will find plenty of creative ideas to choose from. For a baby shower, you’ll find other far more choices aside from making diaper cakes, like baby bottle sand art, scrap-booking, making handmade centerpieces, baby gift baskets, and handmade jewelry as party favors.

DIY party crafts are not just exciting and enjoyable ideas for a baby warm shower, they also make a practical choice if your budget is really a bit limited. Most of them are really fairly simple to make, it’s just a matter of following the actions and directions on the best way to. Even newbies might never imagine that they could also come up with a masterpiece that looks like made by a professional.

For more fascinating ideas, you’ll be able to search on-line which will give you immeasurable options to decide on from. You will find plenty of internet sites that will give you tips, ideas and directions on the best way to make homemade baby warm shower favors, baby diaper cakes, party centerpieces, baby shower party invitations, baby gift baskets and so on.

baby shower cakes

Check out Some Baby Shower Cakes

A baby shower in the family and friends to celebrate the expected arrival of a new baby in the parents-to-be. This is a joyous occasion and fun for all! But the home of great baby shower with some real planning. A very important part of the planning process of the cake. Every baby shower needs a cake but the cake can serve as more than just a dessert – it can also double as a decoration, a central yet!

Most of the baby shower is a theme, and the whole party is based on that topic. The cake is no exception, and should follow any theme you have chosen. If you are talented, and bake and decorate the cake (or know someone who can), you would like to see a homemade cake. Or you can make one from a bakery, making sure to place your order in plenty of time for the shower.

Having decided that there will be homemade or store-bought, you need to decide what type of cake as well. There are many different types of baby shower cakes to choose from. Some of these include:

Angelfood cake

Butter Cake

Butterfly Cake

Carrot cake


Chocolate cake

Chiffon cake


Devil’s food cake

Fruit cake


Ice cream cake


Pineapple upside down cake

Pound cake

Spice Cake

Sponge cake

Then there is the stuffing to consider:

More icing

different flavors of fruit preserves



whipped cream


peanut butter

pure chocolate

Not only should you consider what type of cake here, but also how to decorate the cake, so that then the baby shower celebration more special. Here are some ideas:

1. Belly Cake. A great idea is to design a baby shower cake, and it looks like a pregnant belly. This can be done by making a circular cake in front of a rectangular cake and frosting them to resemble a pregnant belly.

2. Toy Blocks Cake. Another idea is to design a baby shower cake, and it looks like a children’s toy blocks (up to a large array of smaller blocks or 3-4). Toy block cakes can be raised by surrounding them candy or small toy cars.

3. Autograph cake. This is a great idea, where “Congratulations” is the only word on the cake, leaving room for all the guests to “mark” the icing on their own behalf. The picture is taken of the cake, if everyone has signed, so great keepsake for parents-to-be.

4. Character cake. The cake can be in the form of a character such as Winnie the Pooh.

5. The Baby Bib Cake. Another idea is similar to the character of cake but the cake looks like a baby bib.

There are so many different things you can do a baby shower cake. Here are some other suggestions for types of cakes:




Baby Bottle

Noah’s Ark

There’s even a “diaper” cake. But watch out – it’s really about diapers and not edible!

Sure, you can also experiment with your own creative ideas, or check out the cake design book in the local grocery store or bakery ideas. Remember that the “purpose” is not only a delicious dessert, but a large central or decoration, the memories that stand out to parents-to-be. But do not forget to keep your baby shower theme!

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baby shower cakes

Tiffanys Engagement Rings

If you are planning to chose rings for your marriage, and you like Tiffany Rings. You can read this article and take these tips. May it help you.

1. Round Cut Diamond in the Tiffany Setting

The gorgeous and classic round cut diamond ring in the world renowned Tiffany Setting. That’s the ring we’ve been dreaming about since Charlotte York’s character wore it in “Sex and the City” series.

2. Round Brilliant with Chanel-set Band

This is another gorgeous round cut diamond ring, will be perfect for those who prefer the Tiffany classic with a bit more sparkle.

3. Round Brilliant with Pear-shaped Side Stones

This 3 stone ring ? the pear-shaped side stones make the central diamond look even bigger and brighter. And the best thing about this ring is that it looks luxurious even with a 0.5 carat central stone!

4. Round Brilliant with Bead-set Border

This ring is so chic and so “Old Hollywood”, the girl who will wear it will definitely need to be extra-glamourous to pull it off!

5. Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

This is probably the most stylish and “it” cut right now ? it’s confident, it’s fashionable and it’s very classy! I am sure ANY girl will be head over heels for this sparkling beauty.

Tiffany vs Costco

6. Tiffany Novo Diamond Ring

This cushion-cut gorgeous Tiffany ring has it all ? the style, the glamour, the beauty ? it’s one of those rings that everyone just falls in love with.

7. Tiffany Legacy Diamond Ring

This is another gorgeous ring with a cushion cut. But this time it has even more glamour and fabulosity to it!

8. Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow diamonds is bright, many girls like it very much. If only these colored diamond rings were not so extremely expensive.

9. Lucida Diamond Ring

This is a famous Tiffany Lucida cut ? simple and beautiful. The setting is quite “heavy”, so it’ll look amazing on a girl with a bigger ring size.

10. Emerald Cut with Tapered Bagets

This is yet another fabulous engagement ring from Tiffany that makes a true style statement.

Tiffanys engagement rings

Tiffany Diamond Ring

When it comes to jewelry stores, no store comes close to the brand reputation and brand image that Tiffany & Co. has built. The company has made girls across the world swoon over their jewelry and dream of receiving the Wholesale Jewelry it comes in.

The Company has benefited from this “brand image” and is able to charge astronomical margins because of it. Many people walk into Tiffany’s, because the figure they are the best. Why settle for anything else, right?

I can not argue that Tiffany has built a fantastic business. As far as strictly as a businessman, I love what they have done.

But from the standpoint of customers I shudder to think about buying them. When you shop at Tiffany’s, you’re buying a name.

Tiffany diamonds that bears can be found elsewhere for a fraction of the price. I’m talking about….. 40% off even up to 60-70% less if you know what to look for. It’s crazy how much money these guys ask her jewels.

And to make matters worse, Tiffany now grades all their diamonds at home. When you buy a diamond engagement ring, the grading report for the Tiffany diamond is issued by them – not an independent lab or appraiser. This makes me very uncomfortable!

claims Tiffany as strict as AGS or GIA (the two laboratories classification with the best reputation), however, this has been reported is not the case when the diamonds from Tiffany’s have been sent to GIA or AGS for consideration. Obviously, they know that the higher grades the diamond receives – more to load.

Diamond jewelry is beautiful. I rarely see a diamond engagement ring I do not think it’s awesome. However, what is even more impressive is that they get away with charging the prices they do.

There are a lot of money in Tiffany’s diamond industry and is without doubt the most of it. If you are buying an engagement ring or any diamond for that matter, be sure to take the time to do a little research.

I rode a guide (available on their website) to make it easy. No more than a lot of ways to save money and make sure you find your dream diamond. Hopefully this helps.

Tiffany’s not going anywhere. People continue to pay inflated prices for their jewelry and to be honest, many are happy with your purchase, and they do not know any better. However, I suggest you not fall into this category! Tiffany Jewelry are much better at a fraction of the price.

Your special someone (and your wallet!) I thank you!

Tiffany Diamond Ring

Tiffany vs Costco

Baby Shower Cakes

Planning a baby shower is a quite an experience where you would want everything to be perfect. Whether or not you have a theme, there are certain things that you can’t miss and one of them is cake. If you have a theme, then the cakes will be tied around that theme. You can either bake the babys shower cakes at home or have it done professionally for you. Whatever you choose to do, make the special for the mother to be.

There are both edible and non-edible baby shower cake that the mother to be is going to love.

Non-edible baby shower cake
One of the coolest and the most practical things that you could gift a new mother to be is diapers. The Diaper baby shower cakes are great and very usable. You can make one quite easily at home. Items that you require for this baby shower cake.

-50-60 Nos. Size 1 Diaper
-Roll of double sided tape
-Some plastic sheets
-A case base holder
-Lots of colourful ribbons
-Some assorted rubber bands of various sizes
-Some baby decorations that is available at any craft shop
-Any other creative idea that you may have
-Time taken to make this cake is 2 hours

Assembling your diaper cakes
To make this baby shower cakes, roll all the diapers tightly and tie them with a rubber band. Assemble them together in a circular ring. This baby shower cake is made in three layers, one on top of the other. Your bottom most layers will hold 25-30 diapers. The middle layer will hold 10-15 diapers and the top layer should hold around 5-8 diapers.

baby shower cakes

Start by setting the bottom layer and then roll it in a sheet of plastic and tie a ribbon around it. Now repeat the process with the other two layers. Finally your diaper cake are in place. Now stick the baby decorations of the plastic with some double-sided cake and voila it’s ready. To make the cakes, it will take about 2 hours, but the second time onwards; you should take about 1 hour. The mother to be will love this cake.

You can even add some other baby stuff such as rattles, bibs, washcloths and others that will go in the centre of this cakes. Very useful and cute cakes.

Edible baby shower cakes
There are a number of baby showers cakes that can be baked at home, considering your baby shower theme.

How about baby blocks baby showers cakes, ducky baby showers cakes done in two tiers, girly or boy shaped cakes and many more. There are a number of premixes and cartoon character moulds that are available in the market. Just pick some that match your theme and bake the cakes at home.

If you can’t bake the baby showers cakes, take the help of the professional bakers who have a number of amazing designs for the baby showers cakes.

Baby Shower Cake Wrecks

tiffany rings

Tiffany & Co. has produced the Atlas collection for their contemporary and elegant customers. In this situation you will certainly find a Tiffany Silver Atlas ring that is made in 18k white gold and it has actually round rubies established on its area. The sample of this ring is flat and sharp sides. The white gold is completely polished and it has a smooth surface. This ring has an average sized width as well as on it’s outside it has etched roman numbers that represent the quarters of a hr. In the front component you will see the number XII which correspond to the number twelve. This number is yearned for on the ring as well as it has established on it’s within stunning round diamonds.

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Tiffany and Co engagement rings

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People of Walmart

With the intention of linking customers with its local departmental stores, Wal-Mart Inc. has entered into a partnership with Facebook Inc., confirmed the latest biz reports.

As Wal-Mart Inc. and Facebook Inc. revealed their business collaboration to let customers connect to the local Wal-Mart stores, analysts suggest the partnership between the two would immensely extend customer-reach of Wal-Mart, the world?s biggest retailer.

In affiliation with the world?s largest social networking giant, Wal-Mart has unveiled ?My Local Walmart? page which would facilitate around nine million Facebook fans in keeping regular Wal-Mart local store updates. Wal-Mart?s Facebook fans will get regular alerts on company?s latest products, discounts, sales event etc.; the attempt covers around 3,500 Wal-Mart outlets, confirmed company sources.

Wal-mart plans to cover e-commerce market:- As internet marketing is becoming increasingly popular, Wal-Mart is making its foray in e-commerce and social networking to capture online-market niche, and to compete with online rivals such as eBay and Amazon. Stephen Quinn, chief marketing officer of Wal-Mart said, “With early Walmarts, customers would walk in and ask the store manager to get a product? This is going to allow this kind of communication at national scale. Stores become more relevant on a local level because of interaction with customers.”

Wal-Mart?s new facility -?My Local Walmart? page will send company?s Facebook fans, who signs up to the page, two messages directly from their local stores at the initial stage, added Quinn.

?My Local Walmart? on FB:- The concept behind investing into social networking is to remove the element of redundancy from the selling part and bring forth what is relevant to each consumer niche. For instance, Quinn said, “We can now say we have sunscreen in the south and snow boots in the north.” Other than product info, the facility will also allow customers to download free maps of the neighborhood stores to take a virtual tour to the store.

?My Local Walmart? page will inform and entertain consumers especially during the rush timing of holiday shopping season, during the days like Thanksgiving when shoppers queue up to buy products on best affordable prices.

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People of Walmart Images

Funny People of Walmart

We live in a chaotic world where the power of smiling has been forgotten amidst the cities’ traffic, job’s pressures, conflictive relationships, and many other issues stressing people at the point that it has become a major health problem in modern society.

Funny cartoons are perhaps the easiest way to cope with stress and there is nothing easier to obtain, whether browsing a newspaper or magazine, or surfing the net visiting web sites providing graphic entertainment.

Stress is the source of numerous diseases, including chronic fatigue, headache, anxiety attacks, mood swings, peptic ulcers, and in more severe cases, migraines, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

However, medical research has found that humor is helpful therapy that not only reduces our chances to be at risk for these problems, but also can eradicate them. Funny cartoons promote relaxing smiles that enhance anyone’s mood with ease.

Scientific evidence found that an estimated 40% to 80% of visits to the doctor’s office occur due to illness directly linked to stress. When there is no humor to cope with stressful situations, people tend to abuse alcohol and drugs, to escape from stress.

Other people may suffer from eating disorders and smoking problems, but as soon as they find a good source of laughter, such as funny cartons, the situation changes, finding prompt recovery and over time suppressing all the stress in no time.

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Cartoons are graphical depictions that provoke a smile after people look at them, so there is no need to undergo complicated and costly therapies to recover your good spirit by laughing aloud.

When you see the funny side of the miracles in life that can happen and you soon will be recovering from stress. Seriously, it is not a joke that you can find emotional support and alleviate most diseases with just a smile.

“Spend 1 minute – get 1 smile”, why not make this simple phrase your motto for a healthy life?

Funny cartoons provide you with humor and a positive attitude in your life. Web sites such as is one of the greatest places online where people can find the most funny cartoons on the net, categorized by subject.

Starting a day with a smile is the best way to rejuvenate the energy of your body. Even though taking a break to smile again is a refreshing opportunity for the spirit to keep your mood high.

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